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Most Popular Products

Basic Oil Change

Base engine oil with little to no additives in it to offer extra protection from deposits, wear, or thermal breakdown is used (up to 5 qts). An oil filter designed to meet the basic standard for micron size of carbon/dirt filtration, though it may not exhibit a high level of volumetric efficiency over any given period of time. This is strictly a cost driven level of service and is not necessarily the recommended level.

Premium Oil Change

Valvoline or Castrol conventional engine oil is used (up to 5 qts). A FACTORY oil filter is installed. This is the recommended standard of oil service for longevity and reliability of your engine. We recommend Valoline for deposit control and in the winter months, and Castrol in the summer due to its superior thermal breakdown protection characteristics.

Synthetic Oil Change

Mobil 1 is the recommended synthetic oil and is paired with a FACTORY oil filter. In some instances vehicle manufacturers recommend or require other oil manufacturers of sythetic motor oil that may offer a different level of viscosity, protection, or deposit control than Mobil 1. However Mobil 1's level of quality meets more than 90% of manufacturers recomendations and specifications concerning protection and longevity.

Price List

Service Price *
Basic Oil Change $29.95
Premium Oil Change $34.95
Synthetic Oil Change $54.95
Transmission Filter $99.95
Transmission Flush $169.95
Synthetic Trans Flush $198.95
Coolant Drain & Fill $59.95
Coolant Flush $94.95
Power Steering Flush $54.95
Brake Hydraulic Flush $54.95
Induction Service $149.95
* All service prices are for "average and commonly used" quantities and quality of fluid required for proper system servicing. All prices are subject to price adjustment according to fluid quantity, fluid type, and part quality and are discussed with the consumer prior to any work being performed.